Supported Browsers
  Your browser does not support ipDTL.
Please use a supported browser.

For the smoothest ipDTL experience, download and install the ipDTL Browser...

2019 (MacOS) (Windows)

The ipDTL Browser is...
  • Based on the Chromium browser
  • Locked to a known stable release.
  • Optimized for ipDTL.


Windows 10 and Chrome(ium)

There is a known issue affecting some Windows 10 users running Chromium based browsers, including the ipDTL Browser. Affected users report that their outgoing audio stream is severely broken at the receiving end. The known solution in this instance is to instead run ipDTL in Firefox.

Browser Compatibility

Google Chrome

Full support

Opera Browser

Full support

Yandex Browser

Full support

Mozilla Firefox

Partial Support

Apple Safari

Almost there! - Version 11

Microsoft Edge

Almost there!

Microsoft Internet Explorer